Melange Yarn

Melange yarn is a blend of different colored fibers to develop various shades in the yarn. Different in ratio of fibers in the blend alters the uniqueness of spun melange yarn.
Blended Mélange Yarn: Such type of yarn in which different fibers are mixed/blended together in a certain fixed ratio for instance PC (Polyester Cotton blend) 50:50, PC 70:30, PV 80:20, CVC 40:60 etc.
Non-Blended Mélange Yarn: Yarn in which there are no different fibers blended together, but different colored fibers of same type are used to make the yarn e.g. 100% cotton dyed yarn, 100% bamboo yarn etc.
Composition : Cotton, Acrylic, Merino, Polyester, Viscose,
Modal, Recycled Row Materials,
Organic Row Materials,Cotton Waste
Production : Open End, Carded, Combed, Compact
Yarn Type : Knitting / Weaving
Supply Type : Order Base
Payment Term : 40 % Cash Advance / 60 % Before Shipment
Packing : On Palette / In Box / In Sacks
Origin : TURKEY
Order by KG. Shipment type for small amounts such as less than 250 kg by TNT or DHL. More than 250 kg by Truck or vessel. Please ask for minimum amount.