Interlock knit is a double knit fabric. It’s a variation of a rib knit and it’s similar to jersey knit, but it’s thicker; in fact, interlock knit is like two pieces of jersey knit attached back to back with the same thread.
Composition : 100 % Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Modal,
Micro Modal, Viscose
Yarn Type : Open End, Carded, Combed, Compact
Yarn Count : Ne 30/1 (Ask for Other Counts)
Knitting Type : Tubular or Open Width
Lycra : Optional (Mono and Bi Elastan)
Enzyme (Anti - Pilling) : Optional
Brushed : Optional
Carbon Brushed : Optional - Face
Print : YES (Tubular and Open width possible)
Certification : OEKO - TEX, BCI, GOTS, RECYCLED
Supply Type : Order Base or In Stock
Payment Term : 40 % Cash Advance / 60 % Before Shipment
Origin : TURKEY
Order by KG or by METER are both acceptable. Shipment type for small amounts such as less than 250 kg by TNT or DHL. More than 250 kg by Truck or vessel. Order for PRINTED items please ask for amount.